General Data Protection Regulation 2018 - Privacy Policy – Clients and Suppliers
Sharon & James Photography will hold your data as provided by you and is committed to protecting the privacy and security of our clients and suppliers. We will always treat you and your data with the respect it deserves.

The data will be used to administer your client / supplier file and or folder with products and services that we supply to or purchase from you along with invoices, signed documentation for our image copyright and ownership as well as your contact details. You have the right to ask what information we hold relating to you and you can inform us at any time if the data we hold is incorrect and we will update your information, once we are informed and the information is verified.

Sharon & James Photography will not pass your information or details to any third party, without your specific instructions or permission, unless obliged to do so by law, other than as instructed by you.

The data will be held on our own IT system and is backed up on Hard Drives, which are password protected for increased security. Any hard copy data will be kept securely with access by authorised personnel only.

We will only hold data which complies with the data protection law and it must be:-
• Used lawfully, fairly and in a transparent way
• Accurate and kept reasonably up to date
• Retained only as long as necessary for the purposes above
• Collected only for relevant and valid purposes
• Kept securely

This policy will be reviewed regularly for updates.

Sharon & James Photography
May 2018