At Sharon & James photography our passion lies in capturing moments to treasure for years to come. We want you to enjoy your images and cherish the memories, so we take a traditional approach; instead of a disk full of images to sit in the drawer, we’ll help you choose your favourites to create works of art to enjoy and admire.
Don’t worry, we’re not so traditional and we know that you wont be able to hang every image from the session on your walls, so we do have USB options available for you to purchase if desired.
A photography session with Sharon & James is an experience and an investment.


Hi, I’m Sharon. A mother of two extremely crazy kids who I love with all my heart. They take up most of my time but when I do have the odd moment to myself I enjoy anything arts & crafts, from drawing to knitting to wood burning…as well as my main passion, photography. 
I’ve been in love with photography since the first time I picked up a camera, about the age of 12 on a school trip. I also have really fond memories of family weekends at the racetrack, snapping my dad as he whizzed around and around. I still remember the magical feeling of freezing time and capturing my dad in the moment, doing what he loved, over & over & over again.
As a creative soul, photography has always been a huge expressive outlet for me. I have lots of respect and a deep-rooted passion for traditional film photography, for me there’s pure magic in the whole process, from watching the shutter close on the scene and hearing the click of the camera, through to watching and waiting as the story unfolds in the dark room. I have to say, I miss that aspect of photography. 
Whatever the method of photography – and over the years I’ve also found a balance and respect for digital methods too – my speciality lies in taking photos of the things most people would miss, or pass by without a second glance. I’m truly in my element when photographing people; capturing those fleeting little moments and finding that special sparkle in someone’s eye that reveals their personality. 
A quote that sums it up for me is ‘We didn't realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun’.


Hi there, I’m James. Proud and extremely lucky partner to the beautiful Sharon, karate lover and motorsport fanatic. My love of photography first began at the age of just seven or eight when my dad gave me his old point and shoot Kodak camera to go out with. I soon found myself taking pictures of whatever I could, out and about in the beautiful countryside in Dorset where I grew up. One day, in a spur of the moment decision, I entered one of my images into a photography competition. 
Much to my amazement, a few weeks later, a letter arrived revealing I’d won! and that was it, the seed was sewn and from there on I had that little spark inside my head that soon turned into much more. Most of my experience through the years has come from photographing horses and their owners, at events as well as portrait sessions. While I also love photographing pets and people, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for equine photography.
For me, photography as a career is and always has been a dream…one that's finally come true for Sharon and I and we couldn’t be more proud and humbled to share our passion with you. One of my favourite quotes is ‘A day spent together becomes a memory to treasure’, and that’s exactly what Sharon & James Photography is all about.

We hope you’ve enjoyed finding out a little bit about the brains and the beauty behind Sharon & James Photography, we’ll leave you to figure out which one is which and we really look forward to hearing from you soon!